Our mission

Fishermen are known to be a superstitious breed, blaming failure on a bad omen or crediting success to a positive sign. The number 13 is controversial – to many it is synonymous with bad luck, whilst conflictingly it brings luck to others. Our belief is that you make your own luck…

The 13 FISHING mission is all about empowering independence

We challenge old beliefs, reject the norm and strive for unattainable goals for one purpose – to be heard. We do that by creating trend-setting fishing products, by working towards a sustainable present, by building a creative and diverse global team and through partnering with fishing communities and organizations to preserve and promote the sport that we love.

Fishing isn’t about tackle specs

Fishing’s about getting your butt out there.
Relying on your senses, your experience, your wits.
And giving it everything you’ve got.

At 13 Fishing we get this.
Because we’re anglers just like you.
We create ideas that only anglers would think of.
We strip away the excess and the hype to get to what matters most.
Because, like you, we live for that moment when reason stops
and instinct takes over.
And you and your gear are one.

So get out there and find your edge.

Go do your thing.

Follow your instincts.

Make your own luck.