by Admin

Have you ever had a morning on the water so bad, where you think you may as well stop, turn the boat around and put it back on the trailer?

A while back, I was on the Cooper River with my buddy Mark Hodge Jr., and we found ourselves in this very scenario. We were literally up a creek at the time, where we’d been following bass up into the shallows for the previous few weeks. On this particular day, for no particular reason, all the bass disappeared.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re the type who really gets excited thinking about shallow water fishing. Not much gets me more motivated than having a flipping stick in my hand looking for big aggressive bass. When I have to do something else, I can get agitated rather easily.

Although the weather had steadily been getting colder, there was never anything that would’ve suggested it was time to make a change in tactics. As we cranked up the engine and headed for a different branch of the Cooper, two things occurred to me. First, it was nearly noon, so going back to bed was not an option. Second, we might actually have to try something drastically different.